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Music Week

Literacy & Nursery Rhymes.

We have been exploring Nursery Rhymes ahead of World Nursery Rhyme week. What nursery rhymes can you teach your child? There are lots of resources, including the rhymes being sung on the World Nursery Rhyme website

Maths & Number Rhymes. There are lots of number rhymes that you can do with your child. Try 5 little ducks or 5 little men in a flying saucer.  Have a look here for more ideas.

Can you identify the musical instruments?

Listen to and watch the Sorcerer’s apprentice broom sequence – Fantasia (the first 20 seconds are in Spanish)

Can you and your child dance and move to it? Do you both like the music? – why?

More fun musical activities to do at home:

Help your child to make their own musical instrument:

What sounds can be made with the new instrument? Can you and your child play the instrument and sing a nursery rhyme at the same time?