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At Gill Blowers Nursery School we believe it is important to celebrate fundamental British Values. We believe in mutual respect and tolerance and that everyone should be treated equally. The school thrives on being an important part of the community and be here for the benefit of the community. We teach children about a wide range of events and celebrations that are local, national and international. We celebrate different religious and non- religious special times. Parents are warmly welcomed and involved in for instance, Eid and Christmas parties, Christmas and summer fayres. In this way we celebrate modern British values and an appreciation and respect for the diversity in our local community and in modern Britain.

We have introduced the idea of ‘Culture wheels’ which include a culture wheel which give children the chance to share information about their life and to also share special things with their peers and the nursery staff. You can download an electronic version of the culture wheel to complete and email to [email protected] and we will print it for you.

The use of ‘Culture Wheels’ encourages fundamental British Values. The children have an opportunity to share their culture wheel with the class and also share any special items they have brought in to.

We also have cultural days where children and parents are able to celebrate their cultures. We encourage children to come into nursery dressed in clothes that relate to their culture and also to bring in food that they would normally eat.