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   Introducing Dexter…..

Bringing a pet into the school is said to increase a sense of well-being and safety for children, which in turn can have a positive effect on their mental health. Children can relate to animals and they have a soothing presence within the school environment. Mental health is an issue that needs to be addressed in schools and the emotional well-being of children needs to be developed, so that they can cope in later life. Well-being dogs are a low-cost effective solution to assisting young people with feeling safe within the school and improving their mental health. Children can empathise with animals in a way that they can’t always with other humans and this develops their emotional well-being. Having a dog in school can be an uplifting experience and assist individuals in feeling more relaxed, confident and ability to cope with challenging situations.

Dexter will be coming into visit the children at nursery on a regular basis.

Dexter belongs to a member of staff and will be with her at all times. A risk assessment has been completed and all staff have read it.


As you will probably remember the farm visit was a huge success and the children had a lovely time touching and stroking all of the animals. It was a fantastic life experience and enriching for all of the children. All children will be given an opportunity to give him a stroke, say hello or to even help staff care for him, if they would like to.