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Healthy Eating Week

The British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week is arranged annually and  is on or around 10th – 14th June.

The week is all about raising awareness for the charity, and how to eat more healthily and thanks to this, live a better life! Specifically, the BNF want to encourage and promote, healthy eating and drinking habits, being physically active, food provenance and cooking from scratch as opposed to eating out and ready-made, processed food.

At Gill Blowers we celebrate and focus on healthy eating and keeping our bodies healthy daily throughout our curriculum.

We also engage with the Healthy Eating week annually where we put a specific focus on:

  • Healthy eating – Exploring different tastes and textures, deciding what we like and don’t like, exploring what is healthy and unhealthy.
  • Food provenance – Investigating where food comes from, how it grows, what it needs to grow, how we cook or prepare it, Exploring the smell, taste and texture.
  • Cooking – How we make sure that we don’t spread germs to the food, How we prepare food to cook, how we cook it, what equipment do we need, what happens if it is not cooked properly, can we eat the food raw?, Is it healthy to have that food all of the time, some of the time or just as a treat?.
  • Exercise and our bodies – We look at the benefit of exercise, how much exercise we need, we observe the effect of exercise on our bodies. We look at how our bodies grow and appropriate clothing for different weathers.