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Letters and Sounds

At Gill Blowers we provide a rich and varied environment to support our children’s’ language learning through Letters and Sounds Phase One and beyond.  Our indoor and outdoor spaces are well planned so that they can be used flexibly. Our learning environment is designed to encourage children to explore and apply the knowledge and skills, to which they have been introduced through activities such as listening walks, sound lotto, exploring instruments and rhyming soup.

Children are encouraged to explore the sounds in words as opportunities arise throughout the course of activities.  Children’s curiosity in letter shapes and written words are fostered throughout Phase One to help them make a smooth transition to Phase Two, when grapheme–phoneme correspondences are introduced.

This is supported through Signs for Phonics; a multi-sensory approach to phonics teaching:

  • The British Fingerspelling alphabet
  • Songs, games and strategies to integrate fingerspelling as a multisensory learning tool into our nursery
  • Activities to support phases 1-4 of Letters and Sounds

Simple blending and segmenting games