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Natural Thinkers

The value of the outdoors in developing children’s self-esteem, confidence and independence has long been recognised, particularly in Scandinavian countries where Forest schools and outside classrooms are well established and widespread.

Natural Thinkers has strong links with all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage and particularly supports development in the three ‘Prime Areas.’

 At Gill Blowers we aim to offer children a sense of freedom, a chance to play adventurously and take risks. Children learn to respect and enjoy their environment whilst learning how to manage risks and keep themselves safe. Adults support the children to challenge themselves, and to test their capabilities, whilst providing support and ensuring that risks are ‘reasonable’.

 ‘There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.’

This is our motto at Gill Blowers and we will stick to it.

We have some full waterproof outfits for children to borrow, but children will be outside in all weather conditions (except where weather is dangerous) and we ask that you send your child in suitable clothing for every session. Clothing should be warm and easy to move around in, layers of clothes are best so children can take off items as they get hot through moving around. Children will need wellies, hats and scarfs and gloves – again these can be removed or added as required by the child. As the weather improves these can be replaced with sun hats and sun cream.

How can I do Natural Thinkers at home? – When out and about with your child look and see what you can find in the natural environment. We would love it if your child could bring in the things that they find to share with their friends.

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