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Wow Wednesdays and Curriculum Days

Working in partnership with parents/carers is one of the important values of Gill Blowers Nursery. We often invite parents/carers into the nursery to share engaging activities with their children and allow parents/carers to understand our curriculum is and how we can all support development. Curriculum days and WOW Wednesdays also give parents/carers ideas of activities to try at home, which reinforces the link between home and nursery. These opportunities also give parents/carers the opportunity to ask any questions they may have around the curriculum, development and how we support these.


Parent consultations

We have regular meetings with parents called Parent Consultations. These are held with the child’s keyworker and can be arranged for during the day or evening.

These meetings are an opportunity for keyworkers to share the child’s learning journey with their parent, discuss recent developmental tracking, discuss any concerns and to talk about developmental next steps and also how parents can support this learning at home.

Next steps are planned by the child’s keyworker following the recent developmental track of the child. The next steps will be realistic, achievable but also push target.