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The Curiosity Approach

Our Curriculum / Environment

Children require opportunities to develop ownership of the environment where they play. Children need environments they can manipulate and where they can invent, construct, evaluate and modify their own constructions and ideas through play.

At Gill Blowers we are seeking out the unknown, stretching the limits of possibility, taking calculated risks, anticipating, discovering and inventing.

The key driver and focus of our environment and curriculum is to foster curiosity and investigation which in turn develops children involvement and engagement in their own learning. Bringing curiosity, awe and wonder into early childhood & creating the ‘thinkers & doers’ of the future.  It is a modern day approach to Early Childhood, taking parts from Reggio, Steiner, Te Whāriki and Montessori.

Our resources are ‘the real thing’. Authentic resources that are recycled – sourced from car boot sales and charity shops.

Loose parts are about real world learning for all children, loose parts aren’t prescriptive and offer limitless possibilities. The process both of introducing them and playing with them involves collaboration, shared thinking, problem-solving and decision-making where the outcome is evident – better play experiences. The impact of facilitating quality loose parts play is improved health and well-being and so a positive cycle is put in place.

Heuristic play is open ended, the items and objects can be used in many different imaginative ways that are selected by the children so supporting their unique learning styles and stimulates their senses through the children own first hand experiences.