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The Little Red Hen Home Learning Page

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The Little Red Hen

Read the story ofThe little red hen here

Watch the story of The little red hen here

After reading and watching the story, encourage your child to answer these questions:



  • What did the little red hen find?
  • What did the animals say when the little red hen asked for help?
  • Who sound does the dog make?
  • What sound did the cat make?
  • Where did the hen take the flour?
  • What did the little red hen make?
  • Why didn’t the little red hen want to share the bread with the       other animals?
  • Would you share if you were the little red hen?

Once your child has listened to, and watched the story many times help them to make a story map. A story map is simple pictures and words putting the story in order so that they can read and retell the story again and again.

Can your child draw a picture of their favourite character from the story?

They might like you to help them to write the names of the different animals from the story. Perhaps they could have a go at writing the words themselves. You could write for them or how about making a video of your child telling the story. Your child could draw a picture of the little red hen, or one of the animals from the story. Send in your pictures and videos to [email protected] – we would love to see them and put some on the website for others to see.

How many little red hens are there?

How many dogs can you count?

Can you count how many cats there are?

Can you count how many windmills there are?

How many ear of wheat can you count?

Can you practice writing some numbers?

What sound does your name begin with?

Can you also do the sign?

Do you know the names and sounds of the other letters in your name?

Try to learn how to sign your whole name.

More fun and practical activities to enjoy:

Make you own yummy sandwiches.What would you have on your sandwich?

Can you make a little red hen using a cup or tube- what will your hen need?

You could draw and collage your hen with red and yellow feathers.

Can you paint a picture of the dog from the story?

Can you write some words that rhyme with hen?

Can you use  a fork to paint some wheat?

Can you paint your favourite animals from the story?