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Whatever Next Home Learning

Home Learning Tasks Whatever Next


Watch Whatever Next on CBeebies bedtime here

Read the story of Whatever Next here

After reading and watching the story, encourage your child to answer these questions:



What did baby bear find under the stairs?

What did baby bear use for his space helmet?

What did baby bear use for his space rocket?

Where did baby bear go?

Who did he have a picnic with?

What food did he have on his picnic?

Why did he have to go back home?

Where would you go for a picnic?

What food would you take with you


Can your child draw a picture of their favourite character from the story?

They might like you to help them to write about the characters in the story. Perhaps they could have a go at writing the words themselves. You could write for them or how about making a video of your child writing. Your child could draw a picture of the baby bear, his rocket or what they think the moon would look like.

Send in your pictures and videos to [email protected] – we would love to see them and put some on the website for others to see.

How many aeroplanes are there?

How many owls can you count?

Can you write the number 4?

Can you write the number 5?

Can you count how many baby bears there are?

Can you count how many rockets there are?

Can you practice writing some numbers?

Listening game -Can you listen to the different sounds and tell your adult what you can hear?

More fun and practical activities to enjoy:

Fruit Rockets

You will need:



Wooden skewer


Fruit of you choice


Can you make your own sparkly moon playdough

Can 2 cups plain flour.

3/4 cup salt.

4 teaspoons cream of tartar.

2 cups lukewarm water.

2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

Black food colouring

Mix everything together to make your dough.

Can you make a space rocket to take you to the moon?

Can you draw a picture of what you think would be on the moon?

Can you make an alien using playdough?

Can you make a yummy picnic to take to the moon- What would you put in your sandwiches?

Can you build a rocket using blocks or duplo?

Can you make a flying saucer?Can you make the earth using shaving foam and paint?