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Transition to School Home Learning Activities

Transition to School

Home Learning Activities

After watching the clips and reading the books, encourage your child to answer these questions:

  • How do you think Topsy and Tim are feeling about starting big school?
  • How is your child feeling?
  • What is your child looking forward to the most about starting school?
  • encourage the children to share their own thoughts and feelings about starting school.
  • Ask children questions throughout the story about how they think the character is feeling and why.

What school are you going to in September?


Find your new school logo and visit the website

It is important that your child is independent. This means using the toilet, eating with a knife and fork and getting dressed – all on their own!

Allow your child to get dressed themselves in the morning. You may also be able to let them get dressed into their new school uniform.

Encourage your child to eat their meals with the correct cutlery. We use our fingers for a sandwich, a spoon for cereal and a knife and fork for a main meal.

If you need support with toilet training your child this is a very good website.

Each day at school your child’s teacher will take the register. Click on the link so that your child can practise. We would love to see photos of your child once they have dressed themselves in their new school uniform! Send pictures to [email protected]


 Your child will have maths and literacy lessons in school.

Can your child count to 20?

Can your child count out 5 objects?

Can your child name basic shapes? Triangle, circle, square, rectangle. How do they know it is that shape? Triangles have 3 straight sides and 3 corners. A circle has 1 curved side and no corners.

This website has lots of brilliant and fun maths games. Ensure you have maths in the subject and Early Years in the age range when you search.

This website has lots of fabulous phonics games. We focus on phase 1 and 2

Username: march20

Password: home

It is also important that your child can read, recognise and write their name. Here are some online games you can play to support this.

Name recognition game

Can you child recognise their own name when it comes up?

Can your child read the name of anyone else?

Can your child tell you what sound each name that is chosen begins with?

Can they sign it too?

If you are unsure how your child should hold their pencil use this link

Name writing game

This website allows your child to trace over letters in the correct formation. You can even program it very simply to write their own name. Just remember we use a CAPITAL letter for the first letter of their name only. All other writing is done in lowercase lettering.

Your child will be expected to be able to change for PE. You can practice this at home. Place a pair of shorts and a T-shirt in a bag. Give the bag to your child and tell them to go to a chair.

  1. The child takes out the PE kit from the bag and places it on the chair seat. They then take their clothes off (leaving on underwear) and places each item into the bag as they take it off. They then put their PE kit on.
  2. Have some fun dancing around the room. You may like to use 5-a-day website  USERNAME: 5-a-dayForPupils PASSWORD: ForPupils456
  3. Once you have finished go back to the chair and take the clothes out of the bag and put them on the chair. Remove the shorts and T-shirt putting them back into the back. Now the child gets dressed.

Other activities

  • Use your daily exercise time to walk to your child’s new school.
  • Write a letter, or email to your new teacher. You take a photo of yourself so they know what you look like.
  • Flying Start have lots of good ideas to help your child get ready for school.