Mossdale: 01582 575100 / Leabank: 01582 565797

Family Worker

Family Worker: Marie Hayden
Assistant Family Worker: Lisa Page

Most of you will already know Marie and Lisa, through drop offs and 1:1 sessions.

We work across both sites.  we can offer advice and support (or sometimes just listen) with toilet training, behaviour, fussy eating and much more.

In the coming weeks we aim to invite parents in for some Literacy sessions

After half term we have some exciting news, we are launching our new “Little Steps to Nursery Group” open to all, however priority will be given to those families that are on our waiting list.  The cost will be £2 per session

For our parents we are hoping that adult learning will be able to deliver some ESOL classes, if you are interested in this, please speak to your room leads and they can book you a space.

If you need to contact Marie or Lisa please call nursery.