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* Sensory and/or physical needs

Sensory needs, which can be hearing loss and/or visual impairment or sensory processing difficulties and physical difficulties, can occur for a variety of reasons. The important consideration in this area is the degree to which the difficulties impact on a child or young person’s ability to access education opportunities.

How we support our children with SEND in this area

Children are supported with their sensory development through a range of interventions, activities and use of resources. This includes sensory play where children are encouraged to explore foods by touching, smelling and tasting at the beginning of each session.

Children access sensory circuits daily which is a form of sensory integration intervention. It involves a sequence of physical activities that are designed to alert, organise and calm the child. The sensory circuit aims to facilitate sensory processing to help children regulate and organise their senses in order to achieve the ‘just right’ or optimum level of alertness required for effective learning.  Sensory stories and bag books are used to bring a story to life through sensory experiences linked to the text.

We are introducing the T.A.S.T.E programme which allows the children to explore foods through their five senses.

Please see below for some of our strategies and Interventions:


Sensory play

-Bag books -Sensory circuits

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