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At Gill Blowers Nursery School we believe in achievement, ambition and progress for all children.

We aim to meet the needs of individual children through highly effective teaching and learning.

There is an emphasis on early identification of needs through supportive and preventative strategies which reduce barriers to learning.

We work in a flexible way to develop effective partnerships with children and their parents/carers. The SENCO and specialist teaching staff both within the school and external professional such as speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and child and adolescent health service (CAMHS) work to ensure that the school can meet a broad range of special educational needs.

We undertake a rigorous system of monitoring children’s progress, supporting academic and personal achievement by removing barriers to learning.  We use a wide range of strategies to foster a culture of lifelong learning and independent living skills for all children.

You can access the SEND policy through the Policies Page


Gill Blowers Nursery School