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Owl Babies Home Learning

Home Learning Tasks

Owl Babies

Hear a song about Owl Babies here

Watch the story of Owl Babies here

After reading and watching the story, encourage your child to answer these questions:


What were the baby owls called?

What sound do owls make?

Can you do the sign for ‘owl’?

How did the baby owls feel?

Can you do the sign for happy?

Can you do the sign for sad?

What did Bill say?


Can your child draw a picture of their favourite animal from the story?

They might like you to help them to write the animal names. Perhaps they could have a go at writing the words themselves, you could write for them or how about making a video of your child writing about the different animals from the story. Send in your pictures and videos to [email protected] – we would love to see them and put some on the website for others to see.

Can you How many baby owls are there?

Can count how many big owls?

How many owls are there altogether?

Can you practice writing some numbers

…… which numbers can you write?

Environmental sounds game- Can you talk about what you hear?

More fun and practical activities to enjoy:

 Play Dough

1 cup Flour

1/4 cup of Salt

1 tea spoon Vegetable oil

Brown food colouring

Scent ( if you want it to smell nice)



How to make:


Step 1 : Place the flour and salt in a bowl

Step 2 :In another bowl mix water and food colouring

Step 3 : Mix the 2 bowls together and stir well, keep adding flour if it gets too sticky

Step 4 : Add vegetable oil at the end and store it in a container.

This play dough recipe can last for few weeks. Store it in the fridge once done playing with it.

Can you use your dough to make an owl?

Can you paint the baby owls?Can you paint using a feather?

Can you make an owl using feathers, googly eyes, matchsticks feathers.

Can you make Sarah, Percy and Bill using a pine cone?

Can you go to the woods on an Autumn walk?

Can you collect some sticks, conkers,leaves, acorns, pine cones?

Use the things that you have collected to make an owl.