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* Our Vision

When children leave us we want them to be RICCHER….

Rich Vocabulary and Communication Skills
Children understand and use a rich, varied and descriptive vocabulary. They are able to communicate and express themselves effectively and hold a conversation through words, signs and gesture
Independent and Ready
Children are Independent and are confident to have a go for themselves. They can make healthy choices and competently use the correct physical movement to match the situation. They are able to manage their own needs so that they are ready for life, ready for the future and ready to learn
Curious & Critical Thinkers
Children are Curious and Critical Thinkers with aspiring minds. They use these skills to confidently explore and look after their environments, develop their imaginations, take risks and solve problems.
Confident and Resilient
Children are confident to have a go, try new experiences and have a growth mind set enabling to have an enquiring mind.
Have a Love of Stories & Reading
Children use their listening skills to support their love of stories and reading. They express this passion for story telling through their imaginative play,  re-enactment of stories and writing skills.
Engage in Boundaries & Routines
Children understand that rules are important. They follow boundaries and routines to ensure everyone is safe happy and ready for learning.
Children show respect, care and have concern for their family and others in our community. They engage in positive relationships, are able to express their emotions, self-regulate and understand the thoughts and feelings of others.

Gill Blowers Nursery School