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Aliens Love Underpants Home Learning Activities

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Aliens Love Underpants

Read the story of Aliens love Underpants here

Watch the story of Aliens Love Underpants being read on CBeebies bedtime here

After reading and watching the story, encourage your child to answer these questions:


Why did the aliens come to Earth?

What did the aliens want to steal?
What pattern did you like best?

Can you find a spotty pair of pants?

Can you find a stripy pattern?

Can you find a pair of pants with flowers on them?

How did the aliens save the Earth?

Where was the alien hiding at the end of the story?

Once your child has listened to, and watched the story many times help them to make a story map. A story map is simple pictures and words putting the story in order so that they can read and retell the story again and again.

Can your child draw a picture of their favorite alien from the story? They might like you to help them to write the word alien or words to describe what their alien looks like. Perhaps they could have a go at writing the words themselves, you could write for them or how about making a video of your child writing. Your child could draw a picture of their favourite pattern and you could help them write the different types of patterns they see: spotty, stripy, zigzag.

We want to see your Aliens!!! Send in your pictures and videos to [email protected] – we would love to see them and put some on the website for others to see.

How many purple aliens can you see?

How many blue aliens can you see?

Can you count how many flying saucers there are?

Can you count how red aliens there are?

How many blue aliens can you see?

How many can you count altogether?

Can you practice writing some of the numbers?


Alliteration is when words begin with the same sound. You can make up fun sentences like Jumping Jackie Jogs eating Jelly and Jam.


Which food will each alien want to eat?


Can you make an alliterative sentence about you using your name?

Remember all the things have to start with the same sound of your name!

There are lots games in this website for further practice!

Username: march20    Password: home –

We recommend using phase 1 or phase 2 resources.

More fun and practical activities to enjoy:



  • Can you make an alien using your playdough- you could give it lots of googly eyes/legs/arms.
  • Can you make an alien headband- you will need a long strip of paper/pens/glue/tape to make it.
  • Can you go on a pattern hunt in your house- Can you draw some of the patterns that you have found? You could take pictures of them.
  • Can you make your own alien with a cardboard tube- you could draw a pattern on your alien.

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